By the Division of Professional Licensure

Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Place: Division of Professional Licensure
1000 Washington St., Boston, MA. 02118
Room 1-G
Time: 9:30 am


Topics to be discussed:


Additions or changes to the agenda for topics not reasonably anticipated by the Chair within 48 hours of the meeting: 


Building Emergency exit procedures announcement

Minutes:  October 25, 2011

Review complaints: {Investigative Conference – closed to the public}

Counteroffer in SW-11-077 (Prosecutor A. Gallop-Belle presenting)





10:15: Investigative Conference with licensee A.A.  re: SW-11-068 and SW-11-078 {Investigative Conference – closed to the public}


10:45: Conference with above licensee and supervisor re: on-going supervision in compliance with SW-07-020, 021, 022, 023. {Investigative Conference – closed to the public}


11:15: Executive Session with applicant M.H. (character assessment) {Executive Session – closed to the public}     


  1. Online and Home study CE policy
  2. E-practice
  3. Legal Report
  4. Report on ASWB Annual meeting