By the Division of Professional Licensure

Date: Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Place: Division of Professional Licensure

1000 Washington St., Boston, MA. 02118

Room 1-G

Time: 9:30 am

Building Emergency exit procedures announcement

Minutes:  August 28, 2012

Investigative Conference (closed to the public):

Proposed therapist in SW-10-045 (matter in Prosecutions)









Closed/ Quasi-judicial Session to review and act upon Final Decision and Order by Default

in SW-12-101. (closed to the public)

10:30: Executive Session to comply with the confidentiality provisions of the Mass. CORI

Statute—meeting with applicant M.C., review of information re: T.H., C.C and J.G.

(closed to the public)

Discussion (Open to the Public):

  1. Request of licensee 1026846 (A.A.) for termination of probation
  2. Request of licensee 2030968 (B. K.) re: continuing education
  3. Request of licensee 116729 (E. R.) for termination of conditional licensure agreement
  4. Reciprocity application of S. Cardinal.
  5. Acknowledgement of disciplinary action by licensee 112100 (K.J.)


Sub-commitee Meeting to follow Board meeting (time permitting)

Agenda :

Electronic Practice