Q: I was licensed by the Board and held a current license prior to November 4, 2014. Can I still renew my license?

A: No. All licenses issued by the Board are considered to be void as of November 4, 2014, and can no longer be renewed.

Q: I was previously licensed by the Board and now wish to become licensed in another state. How do I obtain a license verification letter?

A: Please download and complete the license “Verification Request” form. Upon completing this form, please mail the form, along with a $15 dollar check or money order made payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, for each copy of the letter requested, to the Division of Professional Licensure at the following address:

Attn: Radio & Television License Verification
Division of Professional Licensure
1000 Washington Street, Suite 710
Boston, MA 02118-6100

Please direct any questions regarding this process to Division of Professional Licensure staff at (617) 727-3677.

Q: I would like to file a complaint against an individual who repaired my radio or television. What should I do?

A: Consumers wishing to file a complaint against an individual engaged in the radio or television repair profession are encouraged to contact the Consumer Protection Division of Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office by calling (617) 727-8400, or by filing an e-complaint through the Division’s website.

Q: How do I access disciplinary and licensing information on individuals who previously held a license issued by the Board?

A: To obtain this information, please contact Division of Professional Licensure staff at (617) 727-3677.

Q: Where can I find more information about the elimination of the Board of Registration of Radio and Television Technicians?

A: For more information, please consult the Governor’s press release announcing his signature of Chapter 236 of the Acts of 2014 on August 6, 2014.