By the Division of Professional Licensure

2.01: Suspension, Revocation or Refusal to Renew Licenses

The Board may, and upon the verified complaint in writing of an aggrieved person shall investigate the action of any licensed technician or master technician or any person who attempts to act in such capacity within the Commonwealth, and, in addition to any grounds hereinbefore enumerated, may suspend, revoke or refuse to renew any license which it has found to have been obtained by false or fraudulent representation. The Board may suspend, revoke or refuse to renew any license, when the Board has found as a fact that the licensee, in performing or attempting to perform any act authorized by his license, has:

(a) knowingly made any substantial misrepresentation

(b) failed, within 15 days after notification by the Board to comply with the Board's request in connection with the matter under consideration by the Board

(c) failed to give a bill of sale for goods purchased

(d) failed to give an itemized bill enumerating components replaced and charges in connection with repairing customers television or radio sets

(e) failed to leave all tubes and components replaced on home service call with customer with the exception of tuner and CRT

(f) failed to give all customers receipts and invoices in the repair of radio or television receivers including the license number of the Master Technician or Technician who repaired said set

(g) refused to cooperate with an investigator of the board any matter pertaining to the licensee which comes under the jurisdiction of the Board

(h) failed to notify customer in advance when requested, what the home and/or shop labor charge(s) will be

(i) failed to notify customer in advance of any additional charge(s) for repair or adjustments of a radio or television set on a home service call, which does not come under the initial service call charge

(j) failed to give an estimate in advance of repair in home or shop when requested

(k) failed, before removing any set from a customer's premises to the shop for diagnosis, to fully inform the customer of the service dealer's charge for giving an estimate if repair(s) is not authorized by customer

(l) failed, before removing any set from a customer's premises to shop for service, to fully inform the customer of any charge for pick-up and delivery service

(m) presented a bill for repair containing more than one labor charge even though said charge is not stated as such

(n) failed, to notify customer within a reasonable length of time after inquiry, the reason for any delay

(o) represented that repairs are indicated to be necessary when such is not a fact

(p) represented that repairs have been made when such is not a fact

(q) stated, implied or advertised that repair or service will be performed by a technician who is factory authorized, factory trained, certified or words of like import, unless true

(r) stated or illustrated in any advertisement which may create a false impression to induce consumers to contact the advertiser

(s) failed, to give to a customer, in the case of a CRT replacement, a warranty card covering said CRT, which shall include the tube type number, serial number, date installed and the model and serial numbers of the set in which it is installed

(t) installed and charged for components which are not classified as new without the consent of the customer

The Board may also suspend, revoke or refuse to renew any license when it has found that the licensee has been convicted of a criminal offence by a court of competent jurisdiction of this or any other state which demonstrates his lack of good moral character to act as a radio and television technician, as the case may be.

The Board may reconsider any decision made by it and may reinstate any license which has been suspended and reissue any license which has been revoked.

Any person whose license is suspended or revoked shall also be liable to such other punishment as may be provided by law.


2.02: Nontransferability Licenses

Licenses are not transferrable - any use of a license - by another person for the purpose of deceiving or inducing one to authorize such unlicensed individual to perform services in connection with the repair of any radio or television receiver will result in immediate action by the Board for the suspension or revocation of said license.


253 CMR 2.00: M.G.L. c. 112, § 87RRR.