Instructions for Licensure as a Veterinarian

  1. Please download the Application Information Bulletin from the website and read all instructions before starting your licensure application. This application can be used to apply for :
  • A Veterinarian license
  • A Limited Practitioner Veterinarian license
  • Temporary Permit pdf format of Temporary Permit Application
  (paper application only)

More information on the specific requirements can be found on the Application Information Bulletin pdf format of Application Information Bulletin

  1. You may print and mail in a copy of the application pdf format of Veterinary Medicine License Application
or you can apply and pay on-line. We recommend that you open an on-line account using the Massachusetts E-Licensing and E-Permitting Portal. This will allow you to apply for licenses, make on-line payments, apply for permits, renew your license and update your contact information through your on-line account.
  2. As indicated on the Application Checklist pdf format of Applicant's Checklist
, applicants must provide their Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) when submitting their application.  If you are ineligible for an SSN or ITIN, contact the Board for instructions. 
  3. Please note the personal or business address that you choose as your mailing address is public record and will be released to anyone upon request.  All applicants must provide a mailing address.
  4. If you have been convicted of a crime you must list all offenses inclusive of OUI, DUI, and Operating after/with suspended license or registration. Dispositions of  “continued without finding” (“CWOF”) or “admission to sufficiency of facts” must also be reported. Do not include minor traffic offense(s). Likewise, if you have been disciplined in the past by another licensing authority, you are required to report the final disposition to this Board with you application. 
  5. If applying online, please mail or upload your CORI authorization form pdf format of CORI Form
  6. The following fees will be assessed:

$272.00 application fee (paid upon submission of application)
$71.00  initial licensure fee (paid once all requirement for licensure have been met)
The fees are not refundable.  Please note that your application will not be processed without payment of the correct fees. Online applications will accept online payments. All paper applications will require payment to be made via check or money order.

  1. Please contact the Board via the “e-mail the Board” function on the Board’s website for a Jurisprudence Exam.  All applicants must complete and submit a Jurisprudence Exam with their application.   
  2. For detailed information regarding registering to take the NAVLE (North American Veterinary Licensing Examination), please see the Application Information Bulletin pdf format of Application Information Bulletin
  3. If applying online and a NAVLE applicant please mail or upload your CERTIFICATE BY DEAN OR REGISTRAR pdf format of Certificate By Dean Or Registrar Of Veterinary College
form.  In lieu of a letter from the dean, completion of the Certificate by Dean or Registrar pdf format of Certificate By Dean Or Registrar Of Veterinary College
form is acceptable. 
    Please note that candidates who sit for the examination prior to graduation will be required to submit an official sealed transcript after graduation.

Download PDF Form    Apply Online