The Board of Registration of Veterinary Medicine ("The Board") voted today to adopt the following Policy Guidelines. These policy guidelines are intended as a recommended protocol for the profession to follow. The Board utilizes these and other guidelines as an internal management tool in formulating decisions that relate to issues of the veterinary medicine profession.

December 9, 2004
Clarifications for Temporary Permits

Policy: #05-04


The purpose of this bulletin is to offer guidance regarding expectations and responsibilities of those holding a temporary permit.


The Board of Registration in Veterinary Medicine Regulations 256 CMR 4.00 state the requirements for Temporary Permits.

A veterinarian with a Temporary Permit is not allowed to work unsupervised until proof of valid and current Massachusetts licensure is in his or her possession. This includes a wallet license, and/or a wall certificate, and/or any documentation from the Board stating that the veterinarian has a current license.

It is the sole responsibility of the individual holding the Temporary Permit to ensure that all requirements for full licensure are met, as described in 256 CMR 3.01.

Substantiated evidence of any veterinarian on a Temporary Permit working unsupervised may result in discipline against the supervising licensee and denial of licensure for the Temporary Permit.

Authority: M.G.L. Chapter 112, Section 54; and 256 CMR 4.00