Policy Guideline


From:       Board of Registration of Veterinary Medicine

Re:           Board Policy Guidelines: Webinars Based Programs for Continuing Education Credit

Date:        December 12, 2013

The Board of Registration of Veterinary Medicine (“the Board”) voted today to adopt the following Policy Guideline. The Policy Guideline does not have the full force and effect of law, as would a statute  or a  regulation, however, the Board uses policy guidelines as a way to clarify  issues related to the practice of veterinary medicine.

Policy No. 13-02


Pursuant to M.G. L. c. 112, § 55 and CMR 256 § 9.01: (1) and (4), licensed Veterinarians are required, as a condition of license renewal, to complete a minimum of 15 units of continuing education activities every licensure cycle (March 1 through February 28).  Not more than six hours of continuing education units shall be acquired through home study or other mediated instruction.  It has come to the attention of the Board that certain classes of online conferencing events, so called “webinars, interactive conferences, or online workshops,” are  being offered live via the internet and require interaction between the licensee and the provider of the continuing education.  The Board considers these online conferencing events acceptable for the balance of the required units of continuing education, and not subject to the six (6) hour limitation referenced above.

 This Policy Guideline   clarifies to licensees  otherwise approved continuing education credits that are delivered through online conferencing events. 

The Board will accept online conferencing events delivered through web based technologies as “live” credits so long as the events meet the following conditions:

1.         There instruction occurs in real time; and

2.         There is required interaction between the licensee and the instructor.

The online conferencing events are not limited by the 6 hours of “home study or other mediated instruction” limitations so long as the online conference event meets the above criteria. 

All continuing education requirements, regardless of delivery method, must meet the requirement set forth in 256 CMR 9.01.