By the Division of Banks

Mortgage Loan Originators wishing to apply for a license in Massachusetts


Any natural person who: (a) is employed by or associated with one (1) and not more than 1 mortgage lender or mortgage broker licensee regulated by the Division; and (b) negotiates, solicits, arranges, provides or accepts residential mortgage loan applications on real property located in Massachusetts, or assists consumers in completing such applications.

Sole proprietors licensed as mortgage brokers or mortgage lenders by the Division, as well as owners, officers and directors or entities licensed as mortgage lenders or mortgage brokers, are required to be licensed as mortgage loan originators in Massachusetts if they meet the definition above.


The NMLS allows mortgage loan originators, or the companies they are employed by, to manage their licenses with the Division, as well as other participating state regulatory agencies, with a single record conveniently maintained in an electronic form and accessed through a secure website. It is important that mortgage loan originators consult with their companies prior to creating or completing a record in the NMLS. In the case where the employing company creates and/or completes a mortgage loan originator record in the NMLS, the mortgage loan originator will still need to create an individual user account, access the system, and confirm the accuracy of the information on his/her record.

If an individual already has a record in the NMLS, meaning he/she was once licensed/registered as an individual in another state participating in NMLS, then applying for a mortgage loan originator license in Massachusetts merely involves filing an individual NMLS record (Form MU4) with Massachusetts through NMLS and mailing in the required jurisdiction-specific requirements to the Division.

If an individual does not currently have a record in the NMLS and is interested in applying for a mortgage loan originator license in Massachusetts, getting started is easy. The NMLS website will walk you through all the steps here: Getting Started on NMLS.

New applicants should review the Division's jurisdiction-specific items here: NMLS State Licensing Resource Page, and should also review Massachusetts Statute and Regulations, available on the Division's website by clicking on "Apply for or Amend a License" under "Online Services" and following the links, or by clicking here: MA Statute and Regulations

Prior to submitting a license application, applicants must complete a approved pre-licensing education course(s) that satisfies the Division's regulation 209 CMR 41.04(2)(e). Course information can be found at: NMLS approved pre-license education course.

Please be advised that mortgage loan originator license, application investigation and NMLS system processing fees are required to be paid at time of application, when the record is submitted to the Division through the NMLS. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL FEES ARE COLLECTED THROUGH THE NMLS AND ARE NOT REFUNDABLE, SO APPLICANTS SHOULD REVIEW ALL LICENSING REQUIREMENTS PRIOR TO SUBMITTING AN APPLICATION TO THE DIVISION.

If you have any questions, please call 617-956-1500, extension 61480, or send an email to