1. How do I register to take a licensing examination?
  2. Where can I find study material for the licensing examinations?
  3. If I am a CPA or Attorney can I waive the general laws portion of the licensing examinations?
  4. How do I apply for an Individual Producer License?
  5. How do I apply for a Business Entity Producer License?
  6. Where do I mail my Producer application, test score report and licensing fee?
  7. Can I apply for a new Producer license online?
  8. Can I renew my Producer license online?
  9. My new individual Producer license is supposed to be for a full three years, but it is less than three years; am I eligible for a partial refund?
  10. How do I apply for a Massachusetts non-resident license?
  11. I am moving to Massachusetts and now hold a non-resident license in Massachusetts, how do I obtain a resident license without any lapsed time?
  12. I would like to use a DBA/Trade name in place of my own name; how do I obtain approval from the Division to add the DBA name to my license?
  13. What are the Continuing Education requirements for Massachusetts residents?
  14. I was licensed in another state prior to moving to Massachusetts are my Continuing Education hours that I have accumulated transferrable to Massachusetts?
  15. I was licensed in another state and due to their Continuing Education waivers (age or term period in the insurance business), I no longer was required to take Continuing Education.  Now that I am moving to Massachusetts will my Continuing Education waiver remain in place?
  16. I would like to add on a new line of authority to my Producer license, how do I go about doing this? 
  17. Is there a fee involved when adding on a new line of authority?
  18. What type of licenses may I apply for with the Massachusetts Division of Insurance, Producer Licensing Department?
  19. How can I find out if I am actively licensed in Massachusetts?
  20. How can I contact the Producer Licensing Department?




  1. The Division of Insurance’s (“Division”) examination vendor is Prometric. Log on to their website and register at  You will also find licensing information and examination outlines on this website.

  2. The Division does not recommend, nor provide study material for licensing examinations.  Log on to Prometric’s website at  and search for CE courses under Massachusetts continuing education; most of the CE providers also offer pre-licensing study courses, as well as reading material.

  3. The Division does not allow waivers for any portion of the licensing examinations, regardless of your professional designations.

  4. Instructions for applying for an Individual Producer License, as well as other type of individual licenses are on the Division of Insurance website (  at the following link:

  5. Instructions for applying for a Business Entity Producer License, as well as other type of business entity licenses are on the Division of Insurance website ( at the following link:

  6. All new individual producer paper applications, test score reports and licensing fees are to be mailed directly to the Division’s P.O. Box (bank lockbox) at the following address:  Massachusetts Division of Insurance – Producer Licenses, P.O. Box 370043, Boston, MA  02241-1743.

  7. At this time, the Division does not offer online licensing for new applicants; please view our website for future notices at

  8.  Yes, you can now renew your Producer License and update your user profile on the Divisions’ online renewal website at   Your PIN letter, including instructions will be included with your first renewal letter, or you can request a PIN at  *Effective 8/1/2011 for resident producer renewals and effective 8/12/2011 for non-resident renewals; producers will also be able to renew online via NIPR’s Gateway at *Effective 8/1/2011 All Designated Licensed Responsible Producers (DLRP’s) will also be considered as Members of the Business Entity Producer.

  9. The Division is aware that your initial Producer License may not be a full three-year license, as your renewal will be on your birth date.  A license cannot be issued for longer than a three-year better and no shorter than a two-year period.  The Division does not offer partial refunds.

  10. Instructions for applying for a non-resident license may be found on the Divisions’ website ( at the following location:

  11. Pursuant to M.G.L. Chapter 175, § 162O (b): A person licensed as an insurance producer in another state who moves to the Commonwealth shall make application within 90 days of establishing legal residence to become a resident licensee under section 162L. No pre-licensing education or examination shall be required of that person to obtain any line of authority previously held in the prior state except where the commissioner determines otherwise by regulation.  If you currently hold a non-resident license in MA, you will have to notify the Division in writing that you have become a resident of MA and would like to change your non-resident license to a resident license; this can only be accomplished if you were in good standing in your previous home state.  You can either provide the Division a Clearance Letter with your written request or your former home state licensure must be verifiable on NIPR’s Producer Database (PDB). You will be required to provide your changed addresses.  Once you have become a resident licensee, your CE requirements begin on that date of licensure (original resident licensing date), regardless of your status in your prior home state.

  12. Pursuant to M.G.L. Chapter 175 § 162P, an insurance producer doing business under any name other than the producer’s legal name, is required to notify the commissioner prior to using the assumed name.  The Division requires that you send your request for your DBA in writing, listing the top three DBA names you prefer in order of preference.   Once approved, you will be notified.  You will then have to obtain a business certificate from the town or city in which you will be operating as a DBA and submit that document to the Producer Licensing Department.  An individual producer requesting a DBA name must include the word, “insurance” in his/her DBA name and may not use plural nouns, such as, “group”, “associates”, “& Co.”, as your DBA name is for one person’s use only, the licensee (you).  No other licensee may operate under your DBA name.  A business entity must follow the same instructions as an individual, to seek DBA name approval. The BE does not have to include the word, “insurance” in its name and other members of the BE can operate under the DBA name. If uncertain, contact the Producer Licensing Dept at 617-521-7794 and opt for line #2.

  13. Any resident producer licensee, licensed after April 4th, 1983, is responsible for completing his/her Continuing Education hours.  CE hours are due every three years based upon your initial licensure date, not your renewal date.  If you were licensed prior to April 4, 1983 and were considered “grandfathered”, but later decided to add on a new line of authority that required a licensing examination, you will no longer be considered grandfathered and your CE requirements will begin anew.  In order to stay ‘grandfathered”, one would have to be continuously licensed (no break in licensing years) prior to April 4th, 1983 as a MA resident licensee and has not added on any new lines of authority after such date.  The CE statute is M.G.L. Chapter 175 § 177E and the MA Regulation is 211 C.M.R. 50.00.  Pursuant to M.G.L. Chapter 175, § 172, Public Insurance Adjusters must complete 15 hours of CE prior to renewing his/her license each renewal year.

  14. Once you have become licensed as a MA Producer or Public Insurance Adjuster, any CE hours accumulated in your prior state are not transferrable to MA” CE requirements. A new resident licensee must start anew with CE requirements.

  15. If you’re a resident licensee of another state and you were grandfathered in that other state from CE requirements, the “grandfathering” of your CE requirement ends upon the date you become a MA licensee.

  16. Instructions for adding on a new line of authority may be found on the Division’s website at the following link:

  17. If one adds on the Property & Casualty lines of authority or the Personal Lines line of authority, there is lead paint surcharge charged to the licensee.  Producers who hold the property or casualty lines of authority or who hold the personal lines of authority or those who newly apply for one of these lines of authority are required to pay a lead paint surcharge in addition to the license fee. Effective July 1, 2002, the amended law requires the Division to apply a surcharge of $75.00 for each term period of the Producer license. The funds generated from this surcharge are used by the Department of Public Health for the production and dissemination of educational materials pertaining to lead paint poisoning prevention and treatment issues and for the training of lead paint inspectors and homeowners

  18. The Producer Licensing Department offers the following licenses to both individuals and business entities:
    Corporate Life Settlement Broker
    Individual Life Settlement Broker
    Public Insurance Adjuster
    Reinsurance Intermediary Broker License
    Reinsurance Intermediary Manager License
    Surplus Lines Broker

    In addition the Producer Licensing Department issues the following type of licenses: 
    Automobile Clubs & its agents
    Banks in the business of insurance
    Auto Damage Appraisers licenses (a.k.a., MVDA’s)

  19. You may look to see if you or any other individual is actively licensed on the Division’s Website, AgentFinder at the following link: Find an Insurance Agent.  By performing a detailed search you will be able to see if you are actively licensed.   Only those individuals and business entities that are actively licensed will appear on AgentFinder.

  20. You may contact the Division’s Producer Licensing Department by either calling       (617) 521-7794 and opting for line #2, or you may email one of the individual staff members by finding his/her name at the following link (from the Division’s website): Producer Licensing Staff Contacts. Staff Contacts.