The following are commonly requested Individual & Business Entity lists generated by the Division of Insurance. Each list is generated monthly and is available in both an Adobe PDF and MS Excel format.

 If you need a different list, please file a public record request by clicking here




Accident & Health

PDF pdf format of Licensed-A-and-H-Agencies.pdf
file size 1MB

XLS xls format of Licensed-A-and-H-Agencies.xls
file size 1MB




PDF pdf format of Licensed-Life-Agencies.pdf
file size 1MB

 XLS xls format of Licensed-Life-Agencies.xls
file size 1MB

Property & Casualty

PDF pdf format of Licensed-P-and-C-Agencies.pdf
file size 1MB

XLS xls format of Licensed-P-and-C-Agencies.xls
file size 1MB


PDF pdf format of Licensed-Variable-Product-Agencies.pdf

 XLS xls format of Licensed-Variable-Product-Agencies.xls


PDF pdf format of Licensed-Consultant-Advisors-Agencies.pdf

XLS xls format of Licensed-Consultant-Advisors-Agencies.xls

PDF pdf format of Licensed-Consultant-Advisors-Individuals.pdf

XLS xls format of Licensed-Consultant-Advisors-Individuals.xls


PDF pdf format of Licensed-Public-Insurance-Adjusters-Agencies.pdf

XLS xls format of Licensed-Public-Insurance-Adjusters-Agencies.xls

PDF pdf format of Licensed-Public-Insurance-Adjusters-Individuals.pd

XLS xls format of Licensed-Public-Insurance-Adjusters-Individuals.xl


PDF pdf format of Licensed-Reinsurance-Intermediary-Brokers-Agencies

XLS xls format of Licensed-Reinsurance-Intermediary-Brokers-Agencies

PDF pdf format of Licensed-Reinsurance-Intermediary-Brokers-Individu

XLS xls format of Licensed-Reinsurance-Intermediary-Brokers-Individu


PDF pdf format of Licensed-Reinsurance-Intermediary-Managers-Agencie

XLS xls format of Licensed-Reinsurance-Intermediary-Managers-Agencie

PDF pdf format of Licensed-Reinsurance-Intermediary-Managers-Individ

XLS xls format of Licensed-Reinsurance-Intermediary-Managers-Individ


PDF pdf format of Licensed-Surplus-Lines-Brokers-Agencies.pdf

XLS xls format of Licensed-Surplus-Lines-Brokers-Agencies.xls

PDF pdf format of Licensed-Surplus-Lines-Brokers-Individuals.pdf

XLS xls format of Licensed-Surplus-Lines-Brokers-Individuals.xls

Motor Vehicle Damage Appraiser PDF pdf format of Licensed-MVDA-Damage-Appraisers.pdf
file size 1MB

 XLS xls format of Licensed-MVDA-Damage-Appraisers.xls
file size 1MB
Life Settlement-Brokers

PDF pdf format of Licensed-Life-Settlement-Brokers-Agencies.pdf

XLS xls format of Licensed-Life-Settlement-Brokers-Agencies.xls

PDF pdf format of Licensed-Life-Settlement-Brokers-Individuals.pdf

XLS xls format of Licensed-Life-Settlement-Brokers-Individuals.xls