Special Brokers Affidavit Notice 2013 pdf format of spec-brok-affidavit-notice-2013.pdf

Premium Fee Notice to Special Brokers pdf format of premium-fee-notice-spec-brokers.pdf

Instructions for Special Broker 2013Return of Business Filing pdf format of SurpSpecBroker.pdf
The Special Broker filing documentation consists of the following forms and filing instruction for reporting calendar year 2013 business activity and remitting the tax due:

Special License Insurance Return (Form BR-18) pdf format of SurpBR18.pdf

Special Brokers Insurance Return (Form BR-9 Mass Only) pdf format of SurpTax1.pdf

Special Brokers Insurance Return (Form BR-9MS) pdf format of form-br9ms.pdf

Affidavit by Assured/Special Broker (Form BR-7) pdf format of SurpAffidavit.pdf

List of Excess and Surplus Lines Companies Approved by  pdf format of SurplusLines.pdf

The filing deadline is January 31, 2014

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact:

Frank Pesco, Senior Examiner, Surplus Lines Audit 617.521.7415

Thank you for your continued cooperation.