Requirements to become an accredited reinsurer in Massachusetts are specified in MGL Chapter 175 § 20Aand 211 CMR 130.06 pdf format of 211 CMR 130.00 - CREDIT FOR REINSURANCE

The following documents are required to be submitted by a foreign insurance company applying to become an accredited reinsurer in Massachusetts:

  1. A properly executed Form AR - 1 pdf format of Form AR-1
  2. A certified copy of the Company's Certificate of Authority in its state of domicile
  3. A CPA Audit Report for the most recent year
  4. A copy of the Company's most recent annual statement (as filed with the insurance department in its state of domicile)
  5. A listing of the Massachusetts domestic insurance companies that will be ceding business to the company
  6. A check, payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Division of Insurance for the following nonrefundable fee:

    Application Examination Fee $1,000.00

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Division of Insurance
Company Licensing Section
1000 Washington St, Suite 810
Boston, MA 02118-6200