Risk Retention Groups

RRG’s are governed by their state of domicile and are generally required to file with Massachusetts whatever documents are required by their state of domicile.  In addition RRG’s are required to file NAIC Biographical Affidavits with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a revised Massachusetts Checklist, and any other additional information required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  However, if the RRG files its annual statement with the NAIC it is only required to submit a signed Jurat Page on or before March 1 (or later date if granted an extension by its state of domicile).

RRG are not required to file quarterly statements with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Division of Insurance.

The following Renewal Application will be mailed to each RRG in the summer of each year.  

Annual Application for Renewal of Registration as a Risk Retention Group pdf format of rrg-annual-registration-application-form.pdf

 For additional information please e-mail Matthew Mancini at the Division of Insurance at Matthew.Mancini@state.ma.us