• Introduction

    In addition to the Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation and its agencies, local governments and other state agencies regulate businesses, professions and specific business activities. Some regulations and licensing requirements are established by state law, but administered at the local level. The federal government also regulates businesses and certain professions.
  • State Regulations by Topic

    A complete list of state regulations.
  • Official 'Code of Massachusetts Regulations' (CMR)

    The Code of Massachusetts Regulations, published by Secretary of the Commonwealth, is the official version of state regulations. The Code is not available online; the entire code, or specific sections, may be purchased at the state bookstore.
  • Chapter 30 A, State Administrative Procedure

    General laws of Massachusetts.
  • Municipal Codes Online

    Many cities and towns make their codes, bylaws and ordinances available online. Find links by city or town on this Massachusetts Trial Court Law Library web page.
  • One-stop Regulatory, Licensing & Permitting Information

    Has information on licensing & permitting to start, grow & relocate your business.