For Immediate Release - August 04, 2005

State Orders Time Warner To Issue Refunds To Cable Customers In Pittsfield-Area

Nearly $750,000 to be returned to 19,000 Subscribers

The Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications & Energy ("DTE") has ordered Time Warner to refund a total of $749,493 to approximately 19,000 cable customers in Dalton, Pittsfield and Richmond.

This action follows a Federal Communications Commission ruling that upheld a 2004 decision by the regulator's Cable Division disallowing the pass-through of programming costs for the production of Capital News 9, Time Warner's regional news and information programming for the Pittsfield area.

The average refund per subscriber is approximately $39.00 and will be credited on subscribers' statements. The DTE has also ordered Time Warner to include an explanation of the refund plan in billing inserts to affected subscribers.

"This is a victory for all cable subscribers in Massachusetts because the FCC has reinforced the DTE's authority to protect consumer interests and remedy situations where cable companies have not justified their proposed rates," said DTE Chairman Paul Afonso.

Time Warner subscribers in the Pittsfield-area are encouraged to call the DTE's Consumer Division at 1-800-392-6066 with questions about the refund plan.