For Immediate Release - March 18, 2009

Statement from Nonnie S. Burnes, Commissioner of the Massachusetts Division of Insurance

"Over the last year, the Division of Insurance has made a number of changes as a part of introducing managed competition to the Massachusetts auto insurance market. These efforts were focused on creating a consumer-focused environment for drivers to shop for, and buy, auto insurance. Throughout the year, six new insurance companies have entered the state to write auto insurance and created hundreds of jobs. As a result of the transition to managed competition, the market now offers consumers more choices, lower rates, greater flexibility, and ultimately the opportunity to find the best insurance.

As a part of these changes, the Division of Insurance proposed an alternative means of addressing at-fault accidents and accident disputes to replace the Board of Appeals as currently structured. We had every confidence that this new plan would protect consumers and offer them a fair resolution; however, we have heard the concerns voiced by the general public. Responding to those concerns, today we are announcing that we are maintaining the Board of Appeals and its accident resolution review process. We look forward to continuing the progress that managed competition has already demonstrated and ensuring consumers experience every benefit the competitive market has to offer."