Payroll Year-End Checklist doc format of payroll_yr_end_cklst.doc

FY2015-17: Tax and Payroll Updates for 2015 (1/6/2015)

W2 Returns

Undeliverable W-2 Forms are sent to CTR where they are stored until April 15 of the current tax year. After April 15 they will be destroyed.
For more details, please refer to this document: Procedures for handling Returned W2s docx format of Procedures for handling Returned W2s

Required Fringe Benefit for Tax Reporting - Employee Use of Commonwealth-Provided Vehicles

Tax Year 2014 doc format of Fringe Rate Emp Vehicle 2014

Tax Memos

FY2015-17: Tax and Payroll Updates for 2015 (1/6/2015)

See forms section for Tax Refund forms.

W-2 General Information

  • The IRS requires W2s to be in the mail by Jan 31. Generally, CTR and ITD begin W2 mailings the week where Martin Luther King Day begins (subject to change)
  • Employees with multiple jobs spanning multiple departments will receive a single W2 IF all earnings were paid against a single Employee ID. W2s are based on Employee ID not Employee Record #. Departments should notify CTR Payroll immediately if an Employee was paid using 2 separate ID #'s.

 W-2 Corrections

W-2c and W-3c forms are for changing W-2 amounts, name, SSN or address information on W-2 forms.

  • CTR will create W-2C forms and provide to employees.
  • Departments are to file a "Request for a W-2C".
  • W-2C data will be entered in HR/CMS under Year-End Forms.
  • Request for W-2C Form doc format of req_correct_w2.doc

Send all forms or direct all questions to CTR Tax Clearinghouse.

W-2 Reprints

W-2 Reprint for HR/CMS V.9

W-2 Reprint for CAPS/PMIS  pdf format of w2_reprint_proc.pdf

W-2 Reprint for HRCMS  pdf format of w2_reprint.pdf

Employees can also request copies of prior year tax returns or transcripts. See IRS Forms and 4506T for more details (some fees may apply). See the Forms section here: