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HR/CMS 2011 Pay Calendar
Legal Holidays
Deduction Frequency

HRCMS Security Information
HRCMS Deferred Compensation Refund Process doc format of    hrcms_contrib_refund.doc

Account Codes
Loading MMARS Accounts into HRCMS: Accounts are loaded into HRCMS every night via Commbridge. The following must be set-up in MMARS to ensure the account is eligible for selection:

Payroll Indicator is checked on APPR table

The necessary Budget has been set-up (ANF loads "BG" documents directly to MMARS)

Account Code Rolls: Beginning FY2006 HRCMS will no longer require the Rolling of accounts in the Position Financial page. The Fiscal Year in the Account Code Key will no longer be considered. Departments need only pay attention to the Department and Account # in the 15 character Account Code key. The Dept and Account # must be valid in MMARS for the Fiscal Year you are processing payroll. Sample Account Code Key : 2005SAM10000013

HR/CMS Interface Policy doc format of    HR/CMS Interface Policy  pdf format of hrcms-interface-po.pdf
Payroll Deductions: Special Insurance Vendors doc format of    special_ins_hrcms.doc
Understanding Your Pay Advice
View Balances
View Paycheck Data

Employee Set UpEmployee Tax Data
Single Direct Deposit
Multiple Direct Deposits
Recurring Additional Pay
One Time Additional Pay
General Deductions
Time Reporting Codes and Earnings CodesEarnings Subject to Retirement Calculations xls format of    subj_to_ret.xls

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