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Notice -- Payroll Processing 
Monday, January 26: Due to the pending storm, HR/CMS will be brought down at 4PM today

  • For Core HR and Payroll Staff, any activity needed for this week’s payroll must be complete prior to 4PM (approvals and secondary approvals).
  • For Self-Service Managers and Employees, all approvals should be completed by Noon (normal business).  Self Service will be interrupted for ½ hour at 4PM to 4:30 PM and back up for normal business, such as entering today’s time or adding this week’s exceptions.
  • TCD users should continue to swipe as normal.

Payroll Accounting:

Today’s predictive is the last for this pay period.  LCM transactions, or MMARS changes made up to the normal MMARS closing tomorrow (6PM) will be reflected in Friday’s payroll accounting.

Questions -

Departments supported by the Employee Service Center:

1-855-4HR-SPPT (1-855-447-7778)
Fax: 617-248-0686
TTY: 617-248-0546

Departments not supported by the Employee Service Center:



2014 W-2 Available in HR/CMS 
Friday, January 16: Employees who suppressed their W-2 may now view their 2014 W-2 form by logging into HR/CMS Self-Service.

Comptroller Help and Support
The CTR Help Desk can be reached at 617-973-2468 or via email at

Self Service Time and Attendance Reports
Please refer to the chart below for the SSTA report run start time and estimated data availability.
Reports may be available up to 15 minutes earlier or later depending on the day and time.  Monday morning before payroll Tuesday generally runs the longest.

Reports Processing Begin Time 
(No Data Available)

Reports Data Available

8 A.M.

8:45 A.M.

10 A.M.

10:45 A.M.

12 P.M.

12:45 P.M.

2 P.M.

2:45 P.M.

4 P.M.

4:45 P.M.