Close/Open Key Dates August 16 – 23

August 22, Friday

  • Final date for processing event type PR 20/21 CEC and GAEC documents.

Close/Open Key Dates August 9 – 16

August 11, Monday

  • Last date to enter AP payroll for pay period ending 8/9/2014.             

August 13, Wednesday

  • All event type PR 22 for CEC/GAEC must be offset                            

August 15, Friday

  • GASB49 Liability worksheet due from selected departments.
  • Final day to complete reconciliation of NGA208W Accounting Period 12 of 2014.

Close/Open Key Dates August 2 - 9

August 4, Monday

  • Basic FY2014 departmental GAAP packages due.
  • Higher Education Statutory Accounts Payable Information Fund 0901 due.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

August 8, Friday

Preliminary estimate for statutory receivables due to CTR General Accounting Bureau.


Close/Open Key Dates July 26 - August 2

July 26, Saturday

  • Period 1-12 Fringe/Indirect cleanup.                                   

July 28, Monday

  • Last day to enter AP payroll for Pay Period ending 7/26/2014.                      

July 30, Wednesday

Preliminary GASB49 Liability due for all departments.

Close/Open Key Dates July 19 – 26

July 21, Monday

·         Last date to produce CEC/GAEC Event Type PR22.

July 24, Thursday

·         All 2014 PRN must be cleared.

July 25     Friday

·         2014 PRLDE, PRLIF, PRADJ  must be completed.

·         All rejected  CAs (periods 1-12) must be processed to final.

·         Certification of Capital Assets Inventory due.

July 26, Saturday

·         Period 1-12 Fringe/Indirect cleanup.

Close/Open Key Dates July 12 – 19

July 14, Monday

  • Last day to enter split-year payroll.
  • GAAP Distribution #2.

July 16, Wednesday

  • MMARS Unavailable.

July 18, Friday

  • Balance Forward program to begin after nightly cycle.
  • Roll uncommitted balance for appropriation types 2CN, 3TN, 3TX, (excluding fed grants 4FN).
  • Final HMBEN008 Compensated Absences balance report as of 6/30/2014 (available on document direct) for audit.

Close/Open Key Dates July 5 – 12

July 5, Saturday

  • RE Roll.

July 6, Sunday

  • RE Roll.
  • Fringe, Indirect, & Payroll Tax Period 12.

July 7, Monday

  • Verify and Validate RE Roll.

July 9, Wednesday

  • Target date for Accounting FY2014 Advances (EAs).

July 11, Friday

  • Final day to enter FY2014 fixed asset additions, disposals, changes, and transfers.

Close/Open Key Dates June 28 – July 5

June 30, Monday

  • Irregular balances must be resolved in appropriation types 1CN, 1CS, 1RN, 1RS, 1IN, 1IS, 2CN, 3TN.
  • Last day to process all FY2014 transactions requiring CTR/ANF approval - encumbrance transactions.
  • Last day to receive goods, services and other performances for FY2014.
  • Completed requests to pay prior year deficiencies out of FY2014 funds must be received in the Comptroller's Office.
  • Last day to enter FY2014 payroll holds in MMARS.
  • Last day for posting payroll time for pay period ending June 28.
  • Enter final FY2014 PRRV, ER, and CR
  • Last day to receive FY2014 cash.

July 1, Tuesday

  • FY2014 Accounts Payable Payments begin.
  • Enter final FY2014 AR.
  • Run last full FY2014 payroll.
  • Enter final FY2014 PRRV, ER, CR.
  • Last day to enter all deposits for FY2014. Deposit slips must be time stamped before noon July 1.

July 3,   Thursday

  • LCM Predictives available.
  • All FY2014 payroll reject transactions (PRLDE_PRLIF_PRADJ) and payroll accounts with negative uncommitted and unexpended balances must be corrected in MMARS.
  • Final day to enter FY2014 RE.
  • Final day to verify that all FY2014 RE and CR referencing REs are final status and are ready for the RE roll on July 5, 2014.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

July 5, Saturday

  • RE Roll.        

Close/Open Key Dates June 21 – 28

June 27, Friday

  • Last day to process FY2014 Revenue transactions requiring CTR approval.

Close/Open Key Dates June 14 – 21
June 16, Monday

  • Last day for posting payroll time for pay period ending June 14.

June 20, Friday

  • Target date for processing all customer overpayment returns (RFs).
  • Departments must reconcile revenue through May using NGA208W.      

Close/Open Key Dates June 7 – 14

June 7, Saturday

  • Contract roll
  • Fringe, Indirect & Payroll Tax Period 11

June 8, Sunday

  • Contract roll                               

June 9, Monday

  • MMARS Unavailable

June 10, Tuesday

  • Department V & V of contract roll and clean-up of rejects.                                    

June 13, Friday        

  • Completed requests to pay payroll prior year deficiencies out of FY2014 funds due in the Comptroller's Office.
  • Last day to submit garnishment orders (HR/CMS) to CTR Payroll staff for pay period ending June 14.
  • Higher Education GAAP Instructions distributed.

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