Comptroller Fiscal Year Memo Letter Head


To:Department Heads, Chief Fiscal Officers and Security Officers
From:Martin J. Benison, Comptroller
Date:July 10, 2008
Re:Department Head Annual Approval - Statewide Enterprise Systems SecurityComptroller Memo

Executive Summary

Approval of transactions in the state financial system serve as an affidavit from the Department Head to the Comptroller that transactions comply with State Finance Law and should be approved. Annually, Department Heads are asked to review and confirm individuals they have authorized to certify transactions on their behalf.

Department Heads have legal spending authority for their appropriations and are responsible for assuring that staff access to automated systems reflects their job duties and is not broader than necessary. My office has routinely sent out reports on staff privileges for the financial system (MMARS). Last year, Department Heads were asked to confirm MMARS access. This year, certification of on-line access applies to all enterprise systems, and we have expanded reports to include three other enterprise systems:

  • The Commonwealth Information Warehouse (CIW) which provides access to financial, labor cost management, time and attendance, human resources, and payroll data for MMARS, LCM, UMASS, and HR/CMS, as well as, a variety of historical databases-Classic MMARS, PMIS, CAPS, PARIS, and PCRS.
  • The Human Resource/Compensation Management System (HR/CMS) which supports time and attendance, human resources, and payroll.
  • Intempo which is an on-line security system through which your Department Security Officer and Security Administrators request access to these enterprise systems through the Information Technology Division.

Your Department Security Officer and Chief Financial Officer were asked to review the available security reports in DocDirect and to process any changes prior to July 1 so that your certification doc format of dept_head_apprvl_frm.doc
can be processed in a timely manner (July 31, 2008).

The Comptroller's Security Unit is available to answer any questions and assist you with MMARS issues [Clay Elkins-Barrantes at (617) 973-2687 or Dan Frisoli at (671) 973-2614]. ITD's CommonHelp [(866) 888-2808] is available to answer any questions and assist you with security for CIW, HR/CMS and Intempo.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this task.

Enc: Department Head Annual Approval of Statewide Enterprise Systems Security Form doc format of dept_head_apprvl_frm.doc