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To:Legislative Leadership, Judicial Branch Administrators, Elected Officials, Secretariats, Department Heads, Chief Fiscal Officers, General Counsels and Payroll Directors
From:Martin J. Benison, Comptroller
Date:November 12, 2009
Re:PartnerNet Security Request Form / PartnerNet Enhancements

Comptroller Memo

Executive Summary

The Office of the Comptroller (CTR) launched an Intranet website called PartnerNet in November, 2008. PartnerNet is accessible to users within MAGNet or through VPN. This website is designed to share both secure and large files that should not be passed through email and holds several CTR web applications. This memo announces the PartnerNet Security Request form and several enhancements

Security for PartnerNet was established for all users of MMARS, LCM, HR/CMS and CIW in November, 2008 based on UAID lists provided by ITD. Security Officers can add new users as needed as long as staff have a valid UAID. All users of PartnerNet have general access to the Outbound read-only files as well as the Vendor Lookup application. Increasingly, web applications are being accessed through PartnerNet and may require user-specific security access. The PartnerNet Security form has been created for Security Officers to request specific roles and access web applications. This form is available in PartnerNet in the Standard Guidelines dropbox. Once the form is completed on-line, it is submitted electronically to the

Below are the roles and applications available through PartnerNet:


A limited number of roles are available in PartnerNet. These define specific rights to drop boxes and restrict viewing capability of users.

Department User: This is the default role for every user and allows read-only access and the ability to download files to save locally but restricts users from uploading any files. This role is given automatically when the Security Officer adds a new user.

General Inbound Upload: This role allows all CFO users to upload files to the CTR's inbound drop box (the general mail box for incoming documents).

Disaster Recover Interface: This role will allow the user to upload an interface file (in the event the standard interface process is not available). Information regarding the use of this process will be available in the event a disaster is declared.

Web Applications

Vendor Lookup: This provides access to VendorWeb information by vendor name or vendor code, bypassing the tighter security on the portal. Finance and program staff can be self-sufficient in obtaining payment information. PartnerNet users have this access by default.

Internal Control Questionnaire: Access to the ICQ is given to all CFOs, Single Audit Liaisons, and Internal Control Officers with a UAID. Additional users can be added by completing the PartnerNet Security Request form.

Financial Reporting: This web application allows users to update three distinct areas: GAAP, Higher Education, and Statutory Receivables. All CFOs and GAAP Liaisons have access to the GAAP and Statutory Receivables sections. Higher Education departments have access to the Higher Education section. Additional users can be added by completing the PartnerNet Security Request form.

All request forms must be sent electronically. For more information on PartnerNet see <strong>FY2009-14: New Intranet Site: PartnerNet (issued 12/1/2008)</strong> .

PartnerNet Enhancements

Internal Documents: Some CTR documents provide important guidance departments need to manage their financial operations. Publishing certain documents on the internet compromises the Commonwealth's ability to safeguard state and business resources. Access to these internal documents is provided by links on the front page of PartnerNet. Starting November 30, 2009, all Job Aids can be accessed from the web portal for users inside Magnet or via VPN.

User Reports for Security Officers: Security Officers can view "User Reports" for staff in their departments. This link is on the left navigation panel, labeled "User Reports."

If you have any questions on the use of PartnerNet, please call the Helpdesk at 617-973-2468.

Attachment - PartnerNet Form doc format of pn_req_frm.doc

cc:MMARS Liaisons
 Security Officers





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