Comprehensive Annual Financial ReportsPosted Month
Fiscal Year 2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report - Interim Filing pdf format of 2015 CAFR Interim Letter
CAFR_2014  pdf format of CAFR_2014
file size 7MB 12/2014
CAFR_2013  pdf format of CAFR_2013
file size 3MB12/2013
CAFR 2012 pdf format of 2012 CAFR
file size 2MB12/2012
CAFR 2011  pdf format of CAFR 2011
file size 3MB1/2012
CAFR 2010 pdf format of CAFR_2010.pdf
file size 20MB1/2011
CAFR 2009 pdf format of Title_Page_and_TOC_Linked.pdf
file size 1MB12/2009
CAFR 2008 pdf format of CAFR_2008.pdf
file size 30MB12/2008
CAFR 2007 pdf format of CAFR_2007.pdf
file size 26MB1/2008
CAFR 2006 pdf format of CAFR_2006.pdf
file size 8MB12/2006
CAFR 2005 pdf format of CAFR_2005.pdf
file size 41MB12/2005
CAFR 2004 pdf format of CAFR_2004.pdf
file size 20MB12/2004
CAFR 2003 pdf format of CAFR_2003.pdf
file size 22MB12/2003
CAFR 2002 pdf format of CAFR_2002.pdf
file size 14MB12/2002
CAFR 2001 pdf format of CAFR_2001.pdf
file size 10MB12/2001
CAFR 2000 pdf format of CAFR_2000.pdf
file size 2MB12/2000
CAFR 1999 pdf format of CAFR_1999.pdf
file size 9MB12/1999
CAFR 1998 pdf format of CAFR_1998.pdf
file size 8MB12/1998
CAFR 1997 pdf format of CAFR_1997.pdf
file size 7MB12/1997
CAFR 1996 pdf format of CAFR_1996.pdf
file size 6MB12/1996
CAFR 1995 pdf format of CAFR_1995.pdf
file size 6MB12/1995