The Commonealth Stabilization Fund accounts for amounts calculated in accordance with State Finance Law (Chapter 29, Section 5C of the General Laws) and maintains a reserve to enhance the Commonwealth's fiscal stability. The balance of $1.607 billion as of June 2014 includes the FY2014 inflows and outflows shown in the table below. FY2014 Stabilization Fund activity includes inflows from desposits of judgments and settlements in excess of $10 million, withholding on Lottery winnings taken as lump sum payments and interest earned by the Stabilization Fund. Outflows include a transfer of $350 million to the General Fund authorized by the Section of 172 of Chapter 38 of the Acts of 2013 (the FY2014 General Appropriation Act) and a transfer of investment earnings from the Stabilization Fund to the General Fund, also authorized by the FY2014 General Appropriation Act.

Stabilization Fund Chart as of June 2014

Fiscal Year 2014 Activity    Amount    ($ millions)
FY14 Beginning Balance                1,556.7
Interest Earnings Through 4/30/14 4.7
Withholding Tax on Lottery Winnings Taken as Lump Sum Payments 0.8
$10+ Million Judgments and Settlements 399.1
Total FY14 Inflows 404.7
Transfer of FY14 Interest Earnings to General Fund -4.7
$350 Million Transfer Mandated by FY14 General Appropriation Act -350.0
Total FY14 Outflows -354.7
FY14 Net Inflows 50.0
Current Balance 1,606.6