The Office of the Comptroller maintains several statewide key contact mailing lists, published here, which Departments may find useful. If your department requires an update to this list, please submit the form, Department Key State Finance Law Compliance Responsibilities doc format of dept_key_fin_law.doc . If you only require updates to e-mail, address or telephone numbers please contact Elizabeth Hemond at 617-973-2601.

Contact ListPosted Date
Comptroller Staff Directory xls format of Staff Directory 10/21/2011
Department Chief Fiscal Officers xls format of key_contact_lst_cfo.xls 7/18/2014
Department Heads xls format of key_contact_lst_dept_head.xls 7/18/2014
Department General Counsels xls format of key_contact_lst_legal.xls 7/18/2014
Department Security Officers xls format of key_contact_lst_security.xls 7/22/2014
Departments by Secretariat xls format of key_contact_lst_secretariat.xls 5/14/2014
Internal Control Officers xls format of key_contact_ico.xls 7/18/2014
GAAP Liaisons xls format of GAAP Liaisons 7/18/2014
MMARS Liaisons xls format of key_contact_mmars_liaisons.xls 7/18/2014
Payroll Directors xls format of key_contact_lst_payroll_dir.xls 7/22/2014
Single Audit Liaisons xls format of key_contact_sa_liaisons.xls 7/18/2014


The lists are updated upon notification to CTR of a change, i.e., Governor's appointment letter (for department heads), or Department's Key Personnel Update form doc format of dept_key_fin_law.doc with department head signature.