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Council Makes Consumer Requested Changes to Referral Directory

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When the Council launched its on line PCA referral directory (www.findpca.org), in September, 2009, a commitment was made to seek input from consumer/employers on how to improve the directory’s operation. Recently, Rewarding Work Resources (RWR), which manages the directory for the Council, announced several changes that are all based on feedback they received from consumers and staff at PCM agencies. The main improvements are:

  • No more having to enter your MassHealth ID # every time you log on to the directory. Now, when you log on you are given a one year subscription and easy access with a password. You will only have to use your ID # once a year.
  • Consumers complained about the many choices they had to navigate in order to do a search. The directory now has a streamlined search feature that is loaded with the most common search choices.
  • A PCA employer can now save a set of search criteria they have used. When a new worker files an application including those criteria, the consumer will be sent an e-mail.
  • Previously the shortest radius for a search was within 5 miles of the consumer’s home. Now searches can be made as small as a 1 mile radius.