Travel Regulations
Bristol County Retirement Board
Approved 11/22/02

Pursuant to the direction of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission, the following guidelines are adopted as the Bristol County Retirement Board (BCRB) Travel Supplemental Regulations under the provisions of G.L. c.7, § 50 and G.L. c.32, § 21(4).

Authorization for Travel and Travel Related Expenditures
The BCRB shall pay for or make reimbursement to Board Members and staff for all travel and lodging expenses except as specifically authorized in these guidelines for expenses related to legitimate speaking engagements. The following regulations are those methods that must be followed in securing travel approval and reimbursement:

1. Travel and related expenses are to be approved by the BCRB in advance of any travel.

2. Requests for travel by Board Members shall be placed on a BCRB meeting agenda, discussed in open session and approved by a majority vote of the Members of the BCRB present and voting. The meeting minutes shall reflect the BCRB’s action and the extent of the authorization.

3. The nature of the travel, its purpose and costs shall be outlined on a Travel and Expense Voucher. The Voucher must include a statement by the traveler, certifying that the expenses incurred were incidental to the approved travel. Brochures for seminars or other presentations should accompany the request for travel where available.

4. A statement describing the presentation, conference or seminar should be entered into the minutes of the meeting following the travel.

The BCRB may authorize the Director of Operations to approve travel for other members of the BCRB staff as it pertains to local travel only. Staff travel will follow the same procedure as set forth in these guidelines. Any BCRB staff travel other than by personal vehicle or pertaining to conferences/seminars or overnight accommodations must be approved by the Board of Directors.

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