Travel Regulations
Hampshire County Retirement Board
Approved 1/13/04

(2) On domestic flights, all travelers will be ticketed at the lowest, logical reasonable coach class fare using the following guidelines:

1. Direct flights or possible one stop or one connection with minimum savings of $500 per ticket;

2. Connection time not to exceed one and one-half hours:

3. Utilization of non-refundable fares when available;

4. Utilization of advance booking discounts.

On international fights exceeding five hours, Board Members and staff may fly the lowest quoted business class.

(4) Acceptable rental vehicles are full size cars booked from national rental vendors. Rental of a premium size vehicle or larger may be used when rental is to transport two or more Board Members and/or staff. Promotional upgrades are allowed as long as the rental rate does not exceed that of a full size car.

(5) Collision and comprehensive insurance should be purchased if Board Member or staff's personal coverage does not extend to a rental vehicle.

(8) Personal car use is accepted in only those travel arrangements where there is a cost savings. Reimbursement will be made at the current IRS allowable rate per mile. Toll and parking charges will require proper receipt for reimbursement.

(1) The maximum daily reimbursement for meals will be limited to $105.00 per day or $20.00 for breakfast, $35.00 for lunch and $50.00 for dinner. The meal amounts will be reviewed annually and adjusted if necessary to keep pace with the reasonable cost of meals.

Meals may also be purchased when Board meetings extend past 5 hours.

Board Credit Card
(1) No Board Member will be issued a Hampshire County Retirement System credit card. The Administrator and any employee so designed by the Administrator may be issued a business credit card upon approval of the Board.

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