Travel Regulations
Natick Retirement Board
Approved 8/28/03

Travel Routing Criteria
Supplemental Rule pursuant to 840 CMR 2.06(2)

In booking travel, if feasible, flights with more than one scheduled airplane transfer each way; or inconvenient or unreasonable departure and arrival times may be avoided.

Rules For Rental Car Use
Supplemental Rule pursuant to 840 CMR 2.06(4) &(5)

The Natick Retirement Board authorizes the use of rental cars for travel. All rental cars must be obtained from a national rental agency. The rental rate should be negotiated by the staff member responsible for arranging travel. Rental of standard cars for individual use or vans for group use is permitted. Acceptance of optional insurance coverage for rental cars is required.

Personal Vehicle Use Reimbursement
Supplemental Rule pursuant to 840 CMR 2.06(8)

When arranged for in advance, after determination by the Travel Coordinator that such use is cost effective, use of a personal motor vehicles may be authorized. Reimbursement of properly documented mileage will be allowed. The rate per mile shall be the current amount allowed by the Internal Revenue Service. Properly documented parking fees and toll charges will be reimbursed.

Reimbursement rate for meals and authorization for high cost location reimbursement in excess of standard per diem rate Supplemental Rule pursuant to 840 CMR 2.08(1)

The maximum daily reimbursable amount for the cost of meals while on Board authorized travel shall be $95.00 per person. Reimbursement in excess of the allowable amount for travel to high-cost locations is allowable upon proper proof at the discretion of the Travel Coordinator.

Board Credit Card Policy
Supplemental Rule pursuant to 840 CMR 2.11

The Natick Retirement Board authorized the use of a credit card in its name for travel expenses in 1996. It hereby reiterates that authorization.

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