Travel Regulations
Belmont Retirement Board
Approved 6//1/04

1. Air Travel Routing Criterion – Air travel when required shall be charged at economy/coach rate, but preference shall be allowed for nonstop service and reasonable departure and arrival times. Air travel may be upgraded by the traveler to business or first class; however, all costs associated with the upgrade shall be the responsibility of the traveler.

2. Rental Car Usage – Use of standard grade rental vehicles from a national rental agency is authorized. Standard grade is defined as an intermediate or full sized vehicle. A rental vehicle may be upgraded by the traveler; however, all costs associates with the upgrade shall be the responsibility of the traveler. An upgrade is authorized where two or more travelers share a rental vehicle and the net cost to the Board will result in a net savings to the Board.

3. Personal Motor Vehicle Usage – Use of a traveler’s personal motor vehicle for retirement board travel shall be reimbursed at the mileage rate established by the Internal Revenue Service. Parking and toll cost shall be reimbursed subject to proper documentation.

4. Maximum Daily Reimbursement for Meals – The maximum daily reimbursement amount for the cost of meals while on Board authorized travel shall be $95.00. The Board may, however, make allowances for reimbursement in excess of the allowable amount for travel to high-cost locations.

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