MEMORANDUM #31, 2007

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TO:             All Retirement Boards

FROM:      Joseph E. Connarton, Executive Director

RE:             Updating PERAC’s Website on Supplemental Regulations

DATE:        July 19 , 2007

PERAC is updating the Retirement Board Supplemental Regulations section of our website so that it will be more useful.  Staff has found that some retirement boards have submitted previously approved regulations with different dates and subjects as new regulations.  Some of the regulations have become outdated either because of statutory changes or newer regulations.  We intend to have PERAC’s website include only the regulations that are currently active.  If a person requests more detailed information regarding older regulations, we will provide that information. 

We have enclosed a copy of your board’s regulations that are currently on PERAC’s website, excluding investment and travel regulations.  Please review these carefully. Make notations next to the regulation if it has been deleted or is a duplicate or is no longer valid.  If your board has any regulations that have been approved but are not on the list, please send in the documentation with your updated list of current regulations.  If there isn’t an enclosure with a listing of your board’s supplemental regulations, then PERAC has no regulations on record. 

On the updated supplemental regulations section of the PERAC website there will only be four topics: Membership, Creditable Service, Regular Compensation and Miscellaneous.  Please feel free to use the sample table that has been enclosed.  If you are unable to decide on which topic to put a regulation or if a regulation seems to fall into two sections, you can note it and the legal staff here can put it under the appropriate topic heading.  You can send the updated information to Susan F. Childs at PERAC or send it as an attachment to  Please send this information by September 30, 2007.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

If you have questions or need assistance regarding this process, please contact Susan F. Childs at 617-666-4446 ext. 907. 


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