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91A Earned Income

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91A Earned Income

     G.L. C. 32, § 91A PROVIDES:
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"Every person pensioned or retired under any general or special law for disability, including accidental disability, shall in each year on or before April fifteenth subscribe, under the penalties of perjury, and file with the commission (Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission) a statement, in such form as the commission shall prescribe, certifying the full amount of his earnings from earned income during the preceding year. Such pensioned or retired person shall annually submit to the commission all pertinent W-2 forms, 1099 forms, other requested tax forms and proof of income, and any other documentation requested by the commission. Said forms and information shall be submitted on or before April fifteenth of each year. "
     G.L. C. 32, § 8 (3) PROVIDES:
"3) Modifications of retirement allowance. If as a result of such medical report by a regional medical panel, as a result of the submission of earnings information under section ninety-one A, or as the result of the completion of a rehabilitation program as provided for under subdivision (1), or under subdivision (5) of section twenty-one, the commission finds that such retired member is engaged or is able to engage in gainful occupation and that the annual rate of his actual or potential earnings is less than his regular compensation as defined in this subdivision, but is more than the difference between such regular compensation plus the sum of five thousand dollars, and the normal yearly amount of his retirement allowance, then the yearly amount of his pension shall be reduced, and if his actual or potential earnings are more than such regular compensation, his pension shall be suspended. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this section, if such member submits earnings information pursuant to section ninety-one A, indicating earnings in excess of regular compensation, as therein described, such member's pension shall be reduced as provided for in this subdivision and shall not be increased for a period of one year unless such medical report finds that the mental or physical condition of such member has deteriorated. If the annual rate of his earnings should later be changed, the yearly amount of his pension shall be further modified by reinstating, increasing, reducing, or suspending it, as the case may be. For purposes of this subdivision, regular compensation means, subject to further definition by regulations of the public employee retirement administration commission, regular compensation which would have been payable during the preceding year had the member continued in service in the grade held by him at the time he was retired. The public employee retirement administration commission shall, subject to the provisions of section fifty of chapter seven, promulgate regulations establishing, and providing a system for annually adjusting for inflation and such other equitable factors as the commission deems relevant, the fair amount of outside income that may be earned by a member retired pursuant to section six or seven, and shall promulgate regulations for the determination of the potential earnings of any such retired member based upon such member's functional capacity, age, education, and experience. Any such modification may be appealed by the member to the contributory retirement appeals board. "

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