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You will need Adobe Reader Software to read the documents presented here.

     With Adobe Reader you will also be able to use the forms as templates and enter information in most response fields. However, you may not make entries in any signature field or any signature related date field. Such entries must be made manually.

     With Adobe Reader, after filling out the template (or when you simply want to download a copy to your PC for later use), you may save the template. Refer to the Save the Template Instructions under the Instructions for Using the Form Template Options segment of this section.

Note on Compliance Forms:

Please be advised PERAC is in the process of updating all of our existing Compliance Forms. There will be new annual disclosure forms for 2013 sent to all vendors in the near future. Please do not use the current annual disclosure forms for your 2013 filings. Only new vendors or vendors with a submission deadline related to an RFP may use the existing forms. If you have questions, please contact our Compliance Officer Tom O’Donnell at extension 922.

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