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Investment Unit

  • State of the Pension System 2009
    The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the public pension systems in Massachusetts, particularly in relation to the funding, investment, and benefit structure under which those systems operate.
  • On August 31st, 2007 PERAC published an Investment Best Practices Manual to provide retirement boards with information on how best to manage their operations, exercise their investment functions, and generally carry out their fiduciary duty.
  • An article, “An Overview on Hedge Funds”, written by Bob Dennis, PERAC’s Investment Director, is featured on the Public Pensions Online Web site. In this article, Mr. Dennis discusses some fundamentals about hedge funds and their unique industry.
     The Investment Unit is responsible for the regulatory oversight of the investment portfolios of the Massachusetts Public Retirement Systems.

     The Investment Unit has published an Annual Investment Report since 1985 that provides retirement boards, public officials, investment managers, and other interested parties with information pertaining to the performance of the boards’ investment portfolios. For each retirement board, the Report provides both historical and current year  investment performance as well as actuarial data and other basic information. The Report also includes a list of the investment managers serving the system.

     The Investment Unit is responsible for reviewing investment exemption applications and supplementary regulation requests.

     The Unit also publishes periodic financial market reviews and commentaries and it provides a program of investment education to the boards.

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