The Senior Accountant of the Worcester Retirement Board reports to the Executive Secretary and will support and assist the Executive Secretary in the daily operation and administration of the Worcester Retirement Office. The Senior Accountant provides service to all members, retirees and their survivors while also managing and performing the day to day accounting and finance functions in order to properly safeguard, control and account for the assets/funds of the retirement system.

Essential Duties:    

•Responsible for managing the automated general ledger for all accounts utilizing Tyler Technology software. Manage all accounting records including investments, cash receipts, cash disbursements, adjusting journal entries, and appropriation accounts.
• Responsible for the supervision, review and payment of the Retirement Board expenses and for the preparation and submittal of the monthly disbursement Warrant to the Executive Director and Board Members for approval, utilizing Tyler.
• Responsible for the management, processing and recording all cash receipts and disbursements to the general ledger, record investment activity and post and reconcile retirement fund income.
• Responsible for the preparation and processing of journal entries as required.
• Responsible for managing and maintaining the Tyler database, timely and accurately, on a continuous basis.
• Responsible for satisfying routine inquiries made by mail, e-mail, telephone or in person; exercising independent judgement and exceptional customer service, oral and written communication skills.
• Responsible for managing monthly and year-end closings to allow for timely reporting to PERAC and the Board.
• Supervise and process all member transfers, refunds and rollovers.
• Responsible for the comprehensive management, preparation and review of the Annual Statement to PERAC and CAFR report annually.
• Responsible for managing the accurate and timely monthly accounting reporting submissions to PERAC.
• Supervise, prepare, process and issue all annual 3(8)(c) invoices; maintain control over the 3(8)(c) receipt and disbursement tracking.  Prepare and process all 3(8) (c) invoices challenges through PERAC.
• Assist the Executive Secretary in the preparation of the annual Retirement Board budget and cash flow projections.
• Responsible for managing the timely coordination of the formal bank account reconciliations with the City Treasurer for the 5 bank accounts on a monthly basis.
• Responsible for verifying all member retirement payroll deductions/contributions from the City’s and the Housing Authority’s payroll systems into Tyler to the corresponding cash receipt.
• Act as the Election Officer in conducting Retirement Board Member elections.
• Assist the Executive Secretary in the implementation of evolving internal controls, procedures and technologies for the improved processing and reporting of accurate and timely data on an ongoing basis.
• Supervise, coordinate and assist PERAC auditors and the independent City auditors in the analysis and explanation of Retirement financial records.
• Assist the Executive Secretary in the preparation and submission of various reports to PERAC.
• Attend educational and training seminars as required.

Secondary Duties:

Performs other related duties as prescribed by the Executive Secretary, Retirement Board Members, Massachusetts General Laws and PERAC.

Required Qualifications:

In order to effectively and successfully perform this job, an individual/candidate must possess very strong accounting and financial reporting skills, analytical and problem solving skills, excellent customer service and oral and written communication skills, including the ability to explain retirement law complexities and strategies to members; the ability to exercise independent judgement and the ability to identify and refer impending problems to the Executive Secretary, strong organizational and interpersonal skills and the ability to work independently; prioritize work assignments in order to ensure their accurate and timely completion.

Education and Experience:

A qualified candidate must possess a Bachelor’s degree in accounting or business related discipline from an accredited college or university. Experience within a MA Chapter 32 public retirement system, knowledge of and working experience with MA G.L. Chapter 32, PERAC regulations, Tyler software a plus..
Must possess proficient Personal Computer skills:  Microsoft Office Excel and Word.  Ability and willingness to continuously upgrade accounting and retirement benefit skills by attending training.

Work Schedule:

8:30 Am to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Salary commensurate with experience. Starting at $47.6K.   
Position open until filled.

Please submit a cover letter and resume to:
Elizabeth A. Early   
Executive Secretary
Worcester Retirement Board
City Hall Room 103
455 Main Street
Worcester, MA 02145-2819