The Information Systems Unit provides support for information technology to enable the Commission to remain on the cutting edge of technological advances; to provide service to its constituencies in a manner that is consistent with the Commonwealth’s Enterprise Standards, Guidelines, and Policies; and to meet the information technology needs of all PERAC Units.

Dan Boyle
Director of Information Systems
617-666-4446 ext. 902

Tony Tse
Project Manager
617-666-4446 ext. 981

K-Lone Steele
Senior Systems Engineer
617-666-4446 ext. 988

Irina M. Boukina
Senior Programmer/Analyst
617-666-4446 ext. 985

Charles Hoyt
Senior Programmer/Analyst
617-666-4446 ext. 982

Mona Mandal
ECM Specialist
617-666-4446 ext. 986

John C. Philley

.NET Developer
617-666-4446 ext. 987