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     By completing this questionnaire, a retirement board can provide PERAC with the data used in the Commission's annual appropriation letter. We encourage boards to use this electronic form and to share their reactions with us. Boards continue to have the option of submitting the required information via paper documents if they prefer to do so.
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     Please note that our program requires a user to make an entry in most fields. If you do not make an entry in a "required field" you will receive an error message about JavaScript and non-support for this configuration. If this occurs, go back and check to ensure that you have made entries for Questions 1 through 6.
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     If you have any questions about appropriation information, please contact PERAC's Actuary, Jim Lamenzo, at 617-666-4446, extension 921. If you have any questions about the mechanics of completing this form electronically, please contact PERAC's Communications Director, Natacha Dunker, at 617-666-4446, extension 970.
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