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Actuarial Unit

Actuarial Accrued Liability
That portion of the Actuarial Present Value of pension plan benefits which is not provided by future Normal Costs or employee contributions. It is the portion of the Actuarial Present Value attributable to service rendered as of the Valuation Date.
Actuarial Assumptions
Assumptions, based upon past experience or standard tables, used to predict the occurrence of future events affecting the amount and duration of pension benefits, such as: mortality, withdrawal, disablement and retirement; changes in compensation; rates of investment earnings and asset appreciation or depreciation; and any other relevant items.
Actuarial Cost Method (or Funding Method)
A procedure for allocating the Actuarial Present Value of all past and future pension plan benefits to the Normal Cost and the Actuarial Accrued Liability.
Actuarial Gain or Loss (or Experience Gain or Loss)
A measure of the difference between actual experience and that expected based upon the set of Actuarial Assumptions, during the period between two Actuarial Valuation dates.

Note: The effect on the Accrued Liability and/or the Normal Cost resulting from changes in the Actuarial Assumptions, the Actuarial Cost Method or pension plan provisions would be described as such, not as an Actuarial Gain (Loss).

Actuarial Present Value
The dollar value on the valuation date of all benefits expected to be paid to current members based upon the Actuarial Assumptions and the terms of the Plan.
Amortization Payment
That portion of the pension plan appropriation which represents payments made to pay interest on and the reduction of the Unfunded Accrued Liability.
Annual Statement
The statement submitted to PERAC each year that describes the asset holdings and Fund balances as of December 3l and the transactions during the calendar year that affected the financial condition of the retirement system.
Annuity Reserve Fund
The fund into which total accumulated deductions, including interest, is transferred at the time a member retires, and from which annuity payments are made.
Annuity Savings Fund
The fund in which employee contributions plus interest credited are held for active members and for former members who have not withdrawn their contributions and are not yet receiving a benefit (inactive members).
The total value of securities. Assets grow through employer and employee contributions, as well as investment earnings. They are reduced by benefit payments and other disbursements. For valuation purposes, assets are usually measured at market value.
Cost of Benefits
The estimated payment from the pension system for benefits for the fiscal year. This is the minimum amount payable during the first six years of some Funding Schedules.
Expense Fund
The fund into which the appropriation for administrative expenses is paid and from which all such expenses are paid.
Funding Schedule
The schedule based upon the most recently approved actuarial valuation which sets forth the amount which would be appropriated to the pension system.
Governmental Accounting Standards Board
Normal Cost
Total Normal Cost is that portion of the Actuarial Present Value of pension plan benefits which is expected to accrue in the current fiscal year. The Employee Normal Cost is the amount of the expected employee contributions for the fiscal year. The Employer Normal Cost is the difference between the Total Normal Cost and the Employee Normal Cost.
Pension Benefit Obligation
The portion of the Actuarial Present Value attributable to past service in accordance with the Projected Unit Credit cost method as stipulated by GASB Statement Number 5 (GASB 5). GASB 5 has been superseded by GASB Statements Number 25 and 27.
Pension Fund
The fund into which appropriation amounts as determined by PERAC are paid and from which pension benefits are paid.
Pension Reserve Fund
The fund which shall be credited with all amounts set aside by a system for the purpose of establishing a reserve to meet future pension liabilities. These amounts would include excess interest earnings.
Special Fund for Military Service Credit
The fund which is credited with amounts paid by the retirement board equal to the amount which would have been contributed by a member during a military leave of absence as if the member had remained in active service of the retirement board. In the event of retirement or a non-job related death, such amount is transferred to the Annuity Reserve Fund. In the event of termination prior to retirement or death, such amount shall be transferred to the Pension Fund.
Unfunded Accrued Liability
The excess of the Actuarial Accrued Liability over the Assets.
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