Attleboro Retirement Board Supplemental Regulations




January 17, 2006 Membership Eligibility: An employee who is employed at least twenty (20) hours per week on a permanent basis, shall become a member of the system.

January 17, 2006 Temporary or Provisional Employees (1): Once an employee has completed six (6) months of service he/she shall join the system. Provisional police and firefighters shall become members upon employment.

January 17, 2006 Temporary or Provisional Employees (2): Shall become members* of the system upon the date of employment if they work twenty (20) hours or more. If at the end of their probationary period they are terminated, their deductions shall be refunded upon request. *Membership begins on the date that regular compensation commences for the position which you are employed.

January 17, 2006 Service Prior to Membership: Credit for service prior to membership shall be computed to credit the member for that proportion of a normal year which the number of days actually worked during that year bears to the normal working year for the department under which the employee serves. The ratio of creditable service will be determined at the time of the buyback calculating the percentage from the hours being worked in relationship to the hours worked during the period of service to be purchased.

January 17, 2006 Transfers In: The Attleboro Retirement System will not accept a transfer from another system on behalf of an employee who does not meet the minimum requirement of twenty (20) hours per week for membership. Once the employee becomes eligible to be a member of the Attleboro system, a transfer from another system will be accepted and the employee will be credited with the transferred service.


January 17, 2006 Full-time Employees Who Become Part-time Employees: An employee who is employed full-time and later becomes part-time will continue membership in the system even if the part-time hours worked fall below the minimum requirement of twenty (20) hours per week. Credit for part-time service less than 20 hours will be pro-rated by taking the actual number of hours worked and dividing by the number of hours which constitute full-time status for the position held.

January 17, 2006 School Department Employees: Any employee of the Attleboro School Department who is not a certified Teacher and therefore eligible to apply for membership in the retirement system will be given credit for a full year of creditable service if employed at least 20 hours per week and the job they perform occurs only during the school year.