Barnstable County Retirement Board Supplemental Regulations




July 27, 1999:  Full-time employees who serve as full-time police, fire or emergency medical dispatchers whose job title is Emergency Telecommunications Dispatcher have replaced the job titles of Fire and Police Signal Operators, as listed in G.L. c. 32, § 3(2)(g) Group 2, provided that no member who attains age sixty-five (65) while classified in Group 1 may thereafter be classified in Group 2.

February 6, 1995:  Seasonal employees excluded from membership unless membership has otherwise been established

Effective January 1, 1995 call fire fighters and reserve police officers regularly employed for not less than 25 hours per week per calendar year (1300) hours shall be eligible for membership

As of July 1, 1977, eligibility for membership for individuals whose employment commences on or after July 1, 1977 shall be based upon regular employment of not less than 25 hours per week per calendar year (1300 hours) or 25 hours per week per school year (900 hours).


February 6, 1995:  A part-time permanent, provisional, temporary, temporary provisional, seasonal, or intermittent employee receiving weekly or monthly salaries or wages for prescribed periods of employment shall be given creditable service based on actual service rendered provided that in the case of any such employee whose work is found by the board to be seasonal in its nature the Board shall credit as one (1) year of service actual full-time service of not less than seven (7) months during any one calendar year.

As of July 1, 1977 eligibility for membership in the Barnstable County Retirement Association for individuals whose membership commenced on or after July 1, 1977 shall be based upon regular employment of not less than 25 hours per week per calendar year (1300 hours) or 25 hours per week per school year (900 hours) for individuals providing service to any member unit of the Barnstable County Retirement Association.

Employees of member units of the Barnstable County Retirement Association holding part-time permanent positions working not less than 25 hours per week who work the full time required for the position as certified by the Treasurer, Department Head or other authorized entity to determine the hours for each position will be given full creditable service for the services performed in said position. If said part-time employees, however, become full-time employees, the creditable service earned during the member’s part-time employment shall be prorated

October 16, 1990: A full year of creditable service will be granted to school department employees who are employed for a full “school year”.

December 13, 1988:  Call firefighter or reserve police officer may be granted full time creditable service not to exceed a maximum of five years prior to the commencement of the member’s full time employment. Such service shall be credited only if such call fire fighter or reserve police officer is later appointed as a permanent member of the fire or police department in the same governmental unit. (Revises board’s rule #3 approved December 27, 1984 by adding two sentences).

December 27, 1084:  Pro-ration of creditable service in the case of part-time employees who become full-time or full-time employees who become part-time. Full-time credit shall be considered to be 261 work days and 7 1/2 hours per day, or 1957 hours per annum.

For any part-time, provisional, temporary, seasonal, intermittent or on-call status of employment rendered by an employee prior to, or during membership service status, who becomes, or was employed in a full-time position, shall at the time of retirement, receive full membership service credit for the periods of full-time employment and partial, or pro-rata membership service credit for all categories of less than full-time employment, based upon, as far as practicable, the actual number of hours worked by a regular permanent, full-time employee




October 29, 1990:  Change of Beneficiary Form

As of July 1, 1977:    Disability Retirement - the Board shall require a one year waiting period between the filing of duplicate application by a member/department head for the same type (ordinary or accidental) of disability retirement