Belmont Retirement Board Supplemental Regulations




September 29, 2008 The threshold for eligibility for membership in the Belmont, Mass. Contributory Retirement System for permanent part-time employment shall be a minimum of 25 hours per week of employment in a position, or combined positions, of the Town of Belmont covered by the Retirement System. This Rule is to become effective for all new employees of the Town of Belmont hired on or after the date of the approval of this local Rule by the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission.


September 29, 2008 Any employee of the Town of Belmont of its member Units who is otherwise eligible for membership in the Retirement System, who work the full number of hours assigned to that position, as long as the number of hours per week for that job function is at least 25 hours per week and the hours do not change, will receive full time credit only if the member retires from said position. If the member moves to a full-time position or the part-time position becomes full-time, then all prior service performed as part-time service will be prorated.