Blue Hills Regional School Retirement Board Supplemental Regulations




Approval Date: May 23, 2013


The following shall apply specifically to non-instructional employees.

Full-time employees:  Membership in the retirement system is mandatory for all non-instructional employees who are regularly employed on a full-time basis.

Permanent Part-Time Employees:  Permanent part-time employees working a minimum of 20 hours per week on a permanent basis must become members of the system.  Creditable service shall be calculated on a prorated basis as it relates to a full-time position.

“Permanent part-time employee” includes any employee who is employed at least 20 hours per week in a single position, or in more than one position so that when hours of employment are added together those hours equal at least 20 hours per week, or an aggregate of 860 hours during the course of a school year.

Part-time Employees who work on average less than 20 hours per week, 860 hours per school year, during the lesser of:  the period of their employment or one year shall not be eligible for membership in the retirement system.
Contract Employees: “Contract employees” are typically those hired to perform a specific set of duties for a limited time (less than one school year); that will perform tasks above the capability or experience level of existing personnel; or hired to fulfill essential duties when coverage by existing staff is not feasible due to vacation schedules, illness, job vacancy, special projects, etc.  Contract employees shall not be eligible for membership in the retirement system.

Consultants (Fee for Service):  “Consultants” are those hired to perform specialized services for a limited time that are beyond the expertise or capability of existing personnel.  Consultants shall not be eligible for membership in the retirement system.

On-Call Employees: “On-Call Employees” hired to fulfill the temporary clerical/other needs of the school.  “On-call employees” are hired on an annual contract basis, (with no notice termination clause for both parties), that commences on the date of hire and ends on the one year anniversary of the date of hire.  “On-call Employees” shall not be eligible for membership in the retirement system.

Once a Member, always a Member:  Once a person is designated as a member of the retirement system, membership is not adversely impacted in the event a member later works less than 20 hours per week or less than 860 hours in the aggregate during the school year.



As of December 6, 2010, the Retirement System shall grant one full year of creditable service for retirement purposes to those employees of the Blue Hills Regional Vocational School employed on a full-time basis or permanent part-time basis, as defined in their specific category of work, for at least a full academic year provided that such annual employment period consists of at least one hundred and eighty days.  These employees must work the entire contract year to be granted the full year of creditable service otherwise creditable service shall be pro-rated.

Food Service Workers (covered by the Food Service Workers Salary Schedule) who work 20 or more hours per week and who are under contract for the entire school year shall receive a full year of creditable service for each full school-year worked.

Part-time employees who become full-time employees may be eligible to purchase creditable service, which was earned while employed at less than part-time, (20 hours per week and therefore ineligible for membership in the retirement system); at the discretion and eventual vote of the retirement board (provided that creditable service shall be granted) based on actual service rendered.

Make-Up Payments:  The purchase of “prior creditable service,” as defined by MGL chapter 32,  may be in a lump sum, or in periodic installment payments as agreed to by the Board, at any time prior to retirement.

Employees of a temporary nature who were formerly deemed ineligible for membership in any government unit, which has accepted MGL chapter 32 may purchase past service upon becoming a permanent employee of the Blue Hills Regional Vocational High School.

Each member who requests permission to make-up payments for their previous employment shall provide the retirement system with a verified list of earnings by period, by calendar year, not including any overtime or bonuses, so that a make-up payment can be calculated.



Employees not eligible for membership in the Blue Hills Retirement System must contribute to (Massachusetts Deferred Compensation Plan) the alternative defined contribution system of the board.