Notwithstanding the provisions of section 135 of chapter 697 of the acts of 1987, the provisions of the first paragraph of Option (c) of subdivision (2) of section 12 of chapter 32 of the General Laws shall apply to benefits received pursuant to applications for such benefits, allowances or other payments made prior to January 12, 1988. The provisions of this section shall be prospective from the effective date of this act and shall not entitle any member to any retroactive benefits. This section shall take effect in a city, town, county, district or authority system by majority vote of the board of such system subject to the approval of the legislative body. For the purposes of this section, legislative body shall mean, in the case of a city, the city council in accordance with its charter, in the case of a town, the town meeting, in the case of a county, the county retirement board advisory council, in the case of a district, the district members, and, in the case of an authority, the governing body.