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POLICY NO: 07-001

Procurement Policy

It is the policy of the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission to
procure commodities and services pursuant to the provision of 801CMR 21.00
Procurement of Commodities or Services, Including Human and Social Services. 

Procurement Funding and Processing

The Expense Fund of the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission shall
be the funding source for all procurements made by PERAC.  The Expense Fund shall be
funded from the investment income of the State and Teachers’ Retirement in accordance
with the provisions of c. 7, s. 49(d).  Transactions for payments for commodities received
and services rendered shall be processed using the Commonwealth’s accounting system

The Executive Director of PERAC as appointed by the Commission is hereby authorized
to procure such commodities and services as may be necessary to carry out the duties and
responsibilities of PERAC as described by G.L. c. 7 and c. 32 and as further prescribed
by the Commission.  The Executive Director, who may further delegate such
procurement authority to appropriate staff, shall insure that all procurements are
processed in conformity with these guidelines. Further, the Executive Director shall
insure that the expenditure for said procurement shall not exceed the annual budget as
approved by the Commission.

Notwithstanding the authority delegated to the Executive Director, the Executive Director
or his designee shall submit to the Commission for its approval, any contract for any
commodity or service for which the annual cost shall exceed $100,000.  

Adopted at Commission meeting on February 28, 2007.


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