Dedham Retirement Board Supplemental Regulations





January 5, 2001 Employees in permanent positions who work the maximum number of hours established for the position as certified by the Treasurer, Department Head or Board of Selectmen which is equal to or exceeds 20 hours per week or a minimum of 800 hours in a calendar year for at least one (1) calendar year and have met all applicable requirements for membership in the system shall receive full-time credit for that employment as long as the member remains in that position. If the employee changes positions within the town or accepts a position with a public employer which would make the employee eligible for membership in a G.L. c. 32 retirement system, the creditable service earned in the prior position will be calculated on a prorated basis using an equation established by comparing the number of actual hours worked into the 37 1/2 hours per week rationale for the rule.