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Main Telephone: (617) 666-4446

E-Mail Privacy Waiver and Disclaimer:
     Please be advised that e-mail is not an entirely secure and private means of communication. Please do not include information that is of a private or confidential nature in your messages. PERAC policy prohibits staff members from responding via e-mail about issues that are of a personal or confidential nature. PERAC cannot guarantee or insure-and assumes no responsibility for--the privacy, confidentiality and/or security of any e-mail, and/or attachment(s) which may be submitted via this web site, or by e-mail in general.

     Staff members whose names turn red when you move your cursor over them can receive e-mail from you via this page. Simply click on their names. An e-mail template will appear that you can use.


  • Joseph E. Connarton
    Executive Director
    Ext. 901

  • Joseph I. Martin
    Deputy Executive Director
    Ext. 920

  • Michael J. DeVito
    Director of Strategic Planning, Management and Public Affairs
    Ext. 971

  • Caroline J. Carcia
    Director of Administrative Services
    Ext. 905

  • Kim Boisvert
    Senior Executive Assistant
    Ext. 906

  • Virginia Barrows
    Chief Financial Officer
    Ext. 925

  • Katie Bozzi
    Accounts Payable Specialist
    Ext. 908

  • Joan Arsenault
    Administrative Assistant
    Ext. 910

  • Tracey Legaski
    Administrative Assistant
    Ext. 950

  • Ellen Furtado
    Administrative Assistant
    Ext. 957

Actuarial Unit:


Audit Unit:

You may leave messages for any member of PERAC's Audit Staff at telephone extension 923 in our Somerville offices.

Communications Unit:


Disability Unit:

  • Kate Hogan
    Manager of Medical Services
    Ext. 949

  • Jane Carritte
    Clinical Case Manager
    Ext. 953

  • Erin Groesser
    Administrative Assistant
    Ext. 946

  • Regina Manning
    Case Manager II
    Ext. 956

  • Jessica Kean
    Case Manager
    Ext. 907

Fraud Prevention Unit:


Information Systems:

  • Dan Boyle
    Director of Information Systems
    Ext. 902

  • Tony Tse
    Project Manager
    Ext. 981
  • K-Lone Steele
    Senior Systems Engineer
    Ext. 988

  • Irina M. Boukina
    Senior Programmer/Analyst
    Ext. 985

  • Charles Hoyt
    Senior Programmer/Analyst
    Ext. 982

  • Mona Mandal
    ECM Specialist
    Ext. 986

Investment Unit :

Legal Unit:

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