Administrators: are you ready for PROSPER?

With the PROSPER launch date fast approaching, we are thankful for the cooperation of board administrators to make sure their board members and staff prepare to use this new application. Below are some steps you need to take.
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Besides attending training and ensuring your system has the requirements necessary to use the system, administrators must also complete the attached form pdf format of PROSPER Individual Account Approval Application
and return it to PERAC prior to receiving a user ID. All board members and administrators should be listed, as well as any staff who performs Compliance related functions. E-mails are required, as your e-mail will serve as your account ID.

Instructions for Submitting Form

  • Please complete the form pdf format of PROSPER Individual Account Approval Application
, including all required signatures.
  • A valid email address is required for anyone requesting a PROSPER login. If any of your board members do not have an email address, please have your city or town create one for them.
  • You may email or fax the form to PERAC -
    Fax: 617-628-4002
  • You may also bring the form with you to your training class, but ideally we would like to receive the form prior to your class date
  • We must have the signed form on file before we can send out login information.
  • If you have not registered yet, see our website to find a class
  • Look for "PROSPER Training for Board Administrators"

About the Security Form

Why do you need a security form?

  • Users of PROSPER will have access to potentially sensitive information. We want to ensure system security.
  • PROSPER will be the only way some business processes are conducted in the future

Complete form for you and your board members

  • To receive a user ID and temporary password you must complete the form
  • Everyone using PROSPER must have a valid email address
  • The form must be signed off by both the board chairperson and the board administrator

What about additional staff?

  • Only staff who deal with Compliance, such as for submitting board procurements or reviewing educational requirements for board members, should be added to this form

Can I add more staff later?

  • Administrators will have authority to add additional staff later this year, as other components are rolled out (such as Disability and Fraud)

Don't you already have everyone's email?

  • We anticipate board members will experience an increase in correspondence from PERAC thus some may wish to update their email address
  • There are a few board members who do not have an email address, which is required for obtaining a login to PROSPER


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