If it is determined, based upon a Comprehensive Medical Evaluation or a completed rehabilitation plan, that a retiree is able to perform the essential duties of the position from which he/she retired (or a similar position within the same department for which he/she is qualified), the retiree will enter the restoration to service phase of the disability process.

PERAC’s Disability Unit will compile the retiree's records (including the file assembled when the member retired, additional medical information submitted by the retiree, CME test results and reports, current job description for the position the retiree held at time of retirement, etc.) and will schedule the retiree for restoration-to-service examinations.

At least one of the physicians assigned to conduct a restoration to service examination will be a specialist in the medical field related to the condition for which the member retired. The other physician(s) will specialize in fields whose relevancy is determined by PERAC. 

If the retiree lives outside of Massachusetts, the PERAC Nurse Case Manager will make every effort to coordinate scheduling to minimize logistical complications and to provide the retiree with as much advance notice as possible. The member is responsible for bringing copies of all relevant x-rays, CT scans, and diagnostic testing results from his/her treating physicians and medical facilities to the restoration to service. appointments. It is also the member's responsibility to return these materials to these physicians and facilities after the appointment has taken place. 

The member is responsible for providing notice to his/her legal counsel and physician of the date(s), time(s), and location(s) of any scheduled restoration to service appointments. 

If the member cancels an appointment within 48 hours of a scheduled examination, or does not keep an appointment, he/she is responsible for reimbursing PERAC for the costs associated with that appointment before the Disability Unit will schedule another appointment.

Restoration to Service Examination Report to PERAC

The physicians will complete the Restoration to Service Certificates and return them and the narrative reports to PERAC’s Disability Unit within 60 days of completing their examinations.

Prior to the retiree being restored to service, all of the physicians on the panel must agree that the retiree is able to perform the same essential duties of the position from which he/she retired or similar job in the same department.