Your pension from a Massachusetts public retirement system is generally considered a marital asset and may be subject to division in a divorce. 

A domestic relations order (DRO) is a judgement, decree or order that sets out how a person's retirement benefits are to be divided between parties who are in the process of divorcing or who are already divorced. The DRO must be reviewed and accepted by your retirement system to ensure that it complies with Massachusetts General Laws and is enforceable. 

The Teachers' Retirement System has published a useful guide, What You Need to Know as a Party to a Domestic Relations Order  pdf format of What You Need to Know as a Party to a DRO
, on this topic. 

Support Orders can also be deducted from your benefits

Pursuant to the Act to Improve the Massachusetts Child Support Enforcement Program, if you owe past-due child support, your retirement allowance, or contributions if requesting a refund, can be attached to satisfy that order before you receive any benefits. However, no support order can create a benefit or entitlement that would be inconsistent with the retirement laws. 

Contact your local retirement board if you would like to file a DRO: