Membership in a contributory retirement system is mandatory for nearly all Massachusetts public employees who are regularly employed on a full-time basis. 

Membership for part-time and other employees is determined by your local retirement board. 

Your Contributions, Refunds and Buybacks

Click heading above for information on your retirement contributions, how to request a refund or re-establish service credit by entering into a buyback agreement. 

Veterans Benefits

Review additional benefits available for veterans. 

Qualifying for a Retirement Benefit

Once you are vested in your retirement system, the basic formula for your retirement benefit depends on your age at retirement, your length of creditable service, your average annual rate of compensation and your group classification. These factors differ based on your membership date. Please refer to the appropriate retirement guide for additional information. 

If your membership date is prior to April 2, 2012, you can do a quick calculation on the State Retirement Board's Online Pension Calculator for a retirement estimate.